How it Works

Spectre Security Coin Official Web Wallet and Rewards Site is built for you. It allows everyone to be involved and bring the community together in positive manners to promote growth. We need the community, we need the developers, and we need to work together to create a more secure blockchain network.

Create an Account

Create an Account and let the magic begin. You'll have an amazing dashboard where everything is taken care of. See your wallet balance and rewards all in one place.

Manage Your Funds

Check out your wallet and place deposits or withdrawals (stress-free) anytime and anywhere. Keep adding coins to your holding or do some withdrawals when it's needed most.

Earn Rewards

We have created “Total Rewards Program” or “TRP” that includes various Rewards Programs. Feel free to participate on every program that is available for your type of account.

Total Rewards Program

What You Need To Know

Developing ways to give back to the community is a key goal of ours. To answer this, we have developed a system to do just that. This is called the “Total Rewards Program” or “TRP”. This will include but not be limited to the following.

  • Community Goals and Incentives (SpectreArmy)

  • Spectre Security Bug Bounty (SpectreAware)
  • Partnership Discounts and Business Rewards (SpectreEveryWhere)

What are the Community Goals and Rewards?

We implement a number of community projects that will be rewarded to members who participate. These are designed to bring the community together in positive manners to promote growth. Each program will have custom amounts of rewards based on the rules of the project. Some examples to include are the following.

  • World Community Grid

  • Seti@Home

  • Invite Challenges

  • Community Bounties

Amazing Features

Our goal is to be the best at what we do while helping others become better as a result. Here are some of the amazing features of Spectre Security Coin's Official Web Wallet and Rewards Site, developed especially for the community.

Safe & Secure

Spectre Security is helping build better, safer, Crypto Coin projects. Our site provides industry leading security for your funds.

Web Wallet

Deposit your coins without the hassle of downloading wallets, bootstrapping, etc. Place deposits or withdrawals at your convinience.

Fast Transaction

Keep adding to your holding or request a withdrawal when it's needed most. Spectre Security Coin provides near instant transactions utilizing masternodes.

Awesome Rewards

Spectre Security Rewards and Web Wallet System revolutionize a new kind of decentralized payment and rewards opportunities.

Mobile Friendly

Our website is a user friendly and a mobile friendly cryptocurrency service website. Mobile Apps and API coming soon.

Quality Support

No Worries. We have assembled an excellent team of people with over 14 years experience in crypto currency related fields.